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The transportation engineers at ClearCourse have a profound understanding of the transportation design process. Licensed in several states and highly accredited, our team has consulted on a wide variety of project types from state and municipal projects to TIA and TAP funded as well as DOT-led projects. The ClearCourse transportation engineering team helped compile the most common questions that our clients have most frequently asked over the years to share their insight on our approach to guiding clients through successful transportation projects.

What is a traffic impact study?

A traffic impact study or traffic impact analysis is a detailed assessment typically used by Local or State governments to quantify the impacts on the transportation system that a proposed development might cause. It usually includes a list of recommended improvements to be implemented, such as turn lanes, roundabouts, or traffic signals, to mitigate or minimize the effects of the expected development traffic on the transportation system.

Why do I need a traffic impact study for my development project?

Local or state governments are interested in ensuring the transportation system operates as efficiently and safely as possible. A traffic impact study is a primary tool used to evaluate the expected impacts of a traffic design change or development project. A traffic impact analysis will use industry-standard technical analysis processes to arrive at the expected impacts and the type of transportation improvement that is cost-effective and will ensure a safe and efficient movement of traffic.

Does ClearCourse design traffic signals?

ClearCourse is home to experienced transportation design professionals that are well versed in designing traffic signals.

Does ClearCourse offer road widening design?

The ClearCourse team is experienced transportation design professionals that are fully versed in all aspects of transportation design, including road widening projects.

Does ClearCourse offer project coordination support?

The ClearCourse team has many years of experience working for and with all levels of government. We are the go-to team to represent your interests.